Pink Flamingo and Velvet Mules

Pink has always been one of my favorite colours but I'm probably the last person to finally get on the 'millennial pink fashion' wave. I blame it on Gucci, Gucci's pink mules and my current financial situation - none of the copycats were getting the shoe right. Then I walked into Zara and found these velvet mules in the perfect shade of pink. 

Now that I have these mules, how do I style them without buying more pink stuff? 

1. Tee & Jeans - these shoes make quite a statement so I would dress them down with simple items such as plain white tees & shirts (I love a good white t-shirt/shirt) and jeans. This flamingo tee would work really well with a pair of light wash hem jeans and statement earrings.

2. Other pastel shades - this may sound a little odd but hear me out. The cropped pants I'm wearing are light purple shade. I'm thinking of getting a top made in a matching shade too. If wearing head-to-toe of one shade - or 2 shades in this case - is too much, break it up with a neutral piece like a white tee. Pastel blue would also look really dope with these. Basically, any pastel shade - think nudes, oranges and purples - would look pretty chic with these mules.    

3. Gingham - anything black and white is always a good idea. Trendy off-shoulder dresses and ruffled midi skirts in gingham pair so well these mules. 

Knowing myself, I'll be wearing these mules everywhere this Summer. 




Photography - Half and Halve (Instagram: @halfandhalve)

T-shirt - Cotton On | Cropped Pants - Topshop | Mules - Zara | Sunglasses - Third Eye Wear